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Less stress for Brouwerij Martens


In June Benvitec started a new job at the Brouwerij Martens site in Bocholt. Benvitec coordinated and installed all technical building equipment’s for the new warehouse. The sprinkler system and HVAC installation was done in-house, and their regular electrical subcontractor carried out the electrical work.

The new logistics building covers an area of approximately 16,000 m². On the roof they installed specific sprinklers used in warehousing (ESFR sprinklers), whilst the battery charging area was equipped with sprinklers for lower hazard classes. Benvitec, also responsible for the HVAC, installed various heaters and destratification fans. These fans transfer the hot air from the upper area of the building downwards, which results in lower energy consumption while improving the comfort level.

As illumination system there was chosen, in consultation with the client, for modern and energy-efficient LED lighting. Also part of the installation package were a new fire alarm control unit and additional fire hydrants on the outside.  

Most technical building equipment’s can interfere with the spray patterns of sprinklers in such a manner that the proper operation of the sprinkler system may be affected. But since the coordination of the other technical building equipments were also in the expert hands of the Benvitec project management, everything was perfectly coordinated with one another. This leads to a considerable time gain and a lot less stress for the team of Brouwerij Martens.  

For that matter, Benvitec is for quite a while one of the permanent partners of Brouwerij Martens. They installed already sprinkler installations and fire control units at their sites. Also they may take care of the annual maintenance of these installations.



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