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Vanderstraeten attaches great importance to general well-being


Due to the rapid expansion of Vanderstraeten NV in the past few years, both their number of projects and their number of works in progress increases and therefore also their number of employees. Consequently, Vanderstraeten NV felt the need to expand their office building in Lummen.

There has been decided to build an additional wing with approximately 1.200 m² of office space and meeting rooms. Since Vanderstraeten nv, besides their commitment to the professional development, also attaches great importance to the general well-being of their employees they also invested in a fitness room.  

Vanderstraeten NV gave Benvitec the confidence to install both the HVAC and the sanitary facilities.   

Heating and cooling of the building will be realized by combination of floor heating/-cooling, concrete core activation and ventilo-cassettes. Ventilation will be provided by air handling units with high levels of energy recuperation.

The heat and cold production provided by a geothermal installation of the type CS/R (cold storage/recirculation) with a heat pump, will be realized in association with our partner IFTech.

The eye-catching and modern design was created by the architects NV Styfhals & Partners.
IR. P Poelmans Consultancy is responsible for the design of the ecological and low-energy technical installations for this building with a special appearance.

According to planning, the new wing will come into service by the summer break of 2018.


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