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Piping - metal

Due to the extensive expertise within our organization, we have considerable experience with duct work for industry, utilities and residences.


  • Installation of pipes and appendages
  • ANSI or DIN standards
  • Metal
  • Above and below ground
  • Pressure pipes, ventilation

Constructions for piping and accessories

  • Racks, skids, brackets, etc.
  • Walkways, landings, stairs, etc.
  • Shielding and protection
  • Inspection pits and shafts
  • Inserts
  • Custom accessories


  • Advice and information
  • Steel, stainless steel, galvanized
  • Cast iron, aluminum, etc.


  • Flare connections
  • MIG and TIG welding, flanges, screws
  • Wire, clamp, groove and flange couplings

Engineering and study

  • Material advice
  • Under-pressure calculations
  • Concept development (P&ID)
  • Stability and load-bearing structures
  • Pipeline losses

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